Help Us Get Back on Pinterest


Help Us Get Back on Pinterest

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Some unfortunate events occurred last week. Our website was suspended from Pinterest and all of ours and your posts were marked as SPAM. We have been trying to get more information on the matter from Pinterest, but we haven’t had any luck.

We received emails from some of our fellow pinners that they are not able to repin our content anymore, and this is the reason why.

We think that we are the victim of the Pinterest Mafia or Lazy scammers as explained in this article from Hibusiness: Website Marked As SPAM on Pinterest? The Mafia Is Doing It

We want to state that we have never published SPAM content and we are very strict when it comes to the quality of our content.

That is why, we believe that we have fallen victim to people who want to harm us and are constantly stealing our content and are trying to attack us.

We believe it is very unjust to have our hard work stolen and taken advantage of. We would like to express our worries that Pinterest is not really fighting SPAM. It tolerates it!

That is why, we are seeking help from you, our community and all our friends to get back on Pinterest!

How Can You Help Us?

Send a message to Pinterest on Facbook at:
Send a supporting e-mail to:
[email protected]

To make it easier for you, we have prepared a message you can send straight to the e-mail, just by pressing the button below.

Email subject:

Support for Zenideen

Email message:

Hello Pinterest,
I am sending this e-mail in order to support Zenideen’s editors, regarding the unfair SPAM policies of Pinterest towards the web magazine. With this letter I would like to EXPRESS MY SUPPORT to the web magazine and to ask for a reconsideration of your position and for responsible and fair actions in this inequitable situation.
I can guarantee that their content is NOT SPAM and strongly disagree with such accusations, as I am one of the many regular users of the web-magazine.

Based on these facts I kindly ask you to rethink your position and to remove all penalties, imposed on the following websites and profiles:

Please get in touch with them on the following e-mail: [email protected]

Campaign information could be found here:


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